Selected Publications

Selected Writings:

“Transmission: Architecture and Electronically Facilitated Learning,” forthcoming in Mai ’68 et la formation des architects. Perspectives Internationales. eds. A. Debarre, C. Maniaque, E. Marantz, J.-L. Violeau (Paris, 2019).

“Optimizing Freedom and Choice: Cedric Price’s Potteries Thinkbelt as Pre-history to Neoliberalization,” Neoliberalism: An Architectural History (University of Pittsburgh Press, forthcoming, 2019) ed. K. Cupers, C. Gabrielsson, H. Mattsson.

“Words, Concepts, and Techniques, c. 1977,” Theory’s History, 196X-199X. Challenges in the Historiography of Architectural Knowledge, forthcoming 2019.

“Teatro del Mondo: 1979-1980,” Companions to the History of Architecture, The Companion to the History of Modern Architecture, 4 Vol. Set, ed. H. Mallgrave (Hoboken N.J: Wiley-Blackwell, 2017), ch. 41.

“Architectural History: The Turn from Culture to Media,” Field Notes, The Journal of the Society of Architecture Historians, v.75, n.2, (June 2016): 5-9.

“Città, Periferia, Territorio,” “City, Periphery, Territory,” in Aldo Rossi, la storia di un libro. L’architettura della città dal 1966 ad oggi ed. F. De Maio, A. Ferlenga, P. Montini Zimolo (Padova: il Poligrafo casa editrice, 2015), pp. 71-79. Published in English and Italian.

“The Fun Palace Project (1961-64)//2000,” excerpt from “Cybernetic Theory and the Architecture of Performance. Cedric Price’s Fun Palace,” (2000) published in the anthology Systems. Documents of Contemporary Art ed. Edward A. Shanken (London, Cambridge, MA: Whitechapel Gallery, MIT Press, 2015), pp. 92-93.

“Units of Measure,” Essay written for a broadsheet publication as part of Furnishing Positions, a commissioned project by Adrian Blackwell shown at the Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto Mississauga, (15th Sept.–7th Dec. 2014). At http:/

“Immaterial Labour,” Labour, Work, Action. Transmission Annual (London: Artsword Press, 2013), pp. 137-141.

“The New Urban Scale in Italy – On Aldo Rossi’s L’architettura della città,” republished in The Rationalist Reader: Architecture and Rationalism in Western Europe 1920-1940/1960-1990 (London: Routledge, 2013), pp. 346-353.

“Two Cambridges: Methods, Models, Systems, and Expertise,” A Second Modernism: MIT, Architecture and the ‘Techno-Social’ Moment, ed. Arindam Dutta. (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2013), pp. 652-685.

“Domestic Environments, Italian Neo-Avant-Garde Design and the Politics of Post-Materialism,” Atomic Dwelling. Anxiety, Domesticity and Postwar Architecture, ed. Robin Schuldenfrei (London: Routledge, 2012), pp. 186-206.

“Antinomies of Realism: Postwar Italian Housing Projects,” Scapegoat v. 3 (2012): 36-39.

“Ephemerality or Permanence: Cedric Price’s Inter-Action Centre,” Import-Export: Postwar Modernism in an Expanding World, 1945-1975, ed. Helene Lipstadt (New York: DOCOMOMO. Columbia University, 2009), pp. 429-435.

“Experimental Architecture and Progressive Pedagogy: Scarborough College,” Architecture+Ideas (Winter 2009): 4-19.  Co-written with Dr. Paolo Scrivano

“Technology and Phenomenological Critique in Italian Architectural Discourse: The Case of Superfici,” Architectural Periodicals in the 1960s and ‘70s (Montreal: Institut de Recherche en Histoire de l’Architecture, 2008), pp. 223-244.

“The J.P. Robarts Library,” Concrete Toronto. A Guidebook to Concrete Architecture from the Fifties to the Seventies, ed. Michael McClelland and Graeme Stewart (Toronto: Coach House Press, 2007), pp. 164-174.

“Program and Programming, Cedric Price’s Inter-Action Center, London 1977,” Werk, Bauen+Wohen (December 2007): 38 – 46.

“Utopie architettoniche e la ‘nuova dimensione’. Torino negli anni sessanta,” Le Città Visibili, ed. Robert Lumley and John Foot (Milan: il Saggiatore, 2007), pp. 91-107.

“The New Urban Scale in Italy: On Aldo Rossi’s L’architettura della città,” The Journal of Architectural Education, 1966: Forty Years After, v.59, n.3 (February 2006): 28-38.

“Architectural Utopias and la nuova dimensione: Turin in the 1960s,” Italian Cityscapes. Culture and Urban Change in Contemporary Italy, ed. Robert Lumley and John Foot (Exeter: University of Exeter, 2004), pp. 77-89.

“Urbatecture: Urbanistica opulenta,” Communication in Architecture. Proceedings from the Associated Collegiate Schools of Architecture National Meeting (February 2004), pp. 225-231.

“Scompare un visionario appassionato di high-tech,” Cedric Price Obituary. Il Giornale dell’Architettura (Fall 2003): 6.

“That Obscure Object Desire. Autobiography and Repetition in the Early Work of Aldo Rossi,” Grey Room 08 (Summer 2002): 38-61.

“Architettura radicale (Casabella, 1968-1973),” Architettura spazio scritto, eds. P. Bonifazio and R. Palma (Turin: UTET, 2001), pp. 20-33.

“Monstrous Fruit: The Excess of Italian Neo-Liberty,” Thresholds 23 (December 2001): 44-51.

“Cedric Price: Architecture of the Performance,” Daidalos 74 (Winter 2000): 22-29.

“Cybernetic Theory and the Architecture of Performance. Cedric Price’s Fun Palace,” Anxious Modernism. Experimentation in Postwar Architectural Culture, ed. Sarah Williams Goldhagen and Rejean Legault (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2000), pp. 98-118.

Among the unpublished:

Interview with Carlo Ginzburg, with Filippo di Pieri Bologna 2013-2014.

Selected Reviews:

“Sightlines and Album XIV by Luis Jacobs,” Prefix 36, (November 2017): 99.

A Proposal for the Present: A Review of The SAGE Handbook of Architectural Theory Architectural Histories, eds. G. Crysler, S. Cairns, and H. Heynen, in Architectural Histories v. 1, n. 1, (2013)

Aldo Rossi e L’architettura della città by Elisabetta Vasumi Roveri. Planning Perspectives (June 2011): 519-520.

Architectural Principles in the Age of Cybernetics by Christopher Hight. Journal of Architecture 14:5 (2009): 639-642.

Topologies. The Urban Utopia in France, 1960-1970 by Larry Busbea. Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians (2009): 412-413.

The 60s. Montreal Thinks Big ed. by André Lortie. College Art Association Online review (Fall 2006): CAA online.

Out of the Box: Price Rossi Stirling + Matta Clark Exhibition. Canadian Center for Architecture. Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians (September 2004): 384-386.

Storia dell’architettura Italiana. Il secondo Novecento ed. by Francesco Dal Co. Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 59:3 (September 2000): 409-411.

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