Thank you to research assistants: Christine Elson (2004 Robarts Library, Scarborough College), Matthew Allen (with undergraduate students Martha Hui, Kaz Victor Lui, Kaz Tei, Summer 2012), Elizabeth Krasner (2013-14), Mark Kurzawinski (2014-2015), Christina Boyer (Summer 2015), Aaron Rotenburg (Summer 2016), Sebastian Lopez Cardozo (2015-18). Thank you to the students of ARC3303: City, University, Territory: Geographies of Knowledge, Science, and Politics, 2013. Video and research was, in part, funded by a SSHRC Partnership Grant (Digital Media) led by Professor Matt Ratto, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto. More recent film work has been supported by a SSHRC-Sig-Fund grant titled “Architecture Institution: Media, Techniques, Territories.”

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