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University of Manitoba as a corporate model has expanded the research into many practical areas. Has a long history of leading the innovative research in agriculture, medicine and engineering, the university receives funding from various sources include Federal, Provincial government and state corporations, as well as companies and manufactures. Smart Park provide expandable spaces for research facilities and offers affordable locations for small innovative businesses.


A report of the Student Commission of the University of Manitoba in 1932 “…devoted much attention to the pedagogical emphasis on lecturing and the resultant lack of good teaching,” and propose that “… research should be carried on at the expense of the interest of the elementary students. Classes needed to be smaller in general, it thought, and the introduction of seminars to tutorials might correct on of the problems of a non-residential campus, which was an absence of the opportunity for personal contacts.” (Bumsted, 72)

In 1930s many faculty including science and medicine had established regular research and publish.

The Department of Pediatrics (founded in 1945) had made many “ground-breaking” researches in 1954. Those including diagnosis and treatment of Rh haemolytic disease by Dr. Bruce Chown.

During the 60s the university went through major expansion. “…this meant the complete acceptance of international academic standards, with their emphasis on disciplines, research, graduate degrees, professional training, centralization and faculty organizations, as well as on tenure and academic freedom.” (Bumsted, 149) The form of the research in the medical faculty transformed from the single researcher with technicians to a more multidisciplinary group research that hires many graduates and scientists. The funding for the researches came from organizations include National Cancer Institute of Canada and the Medical Research Council. According to Ian Carr and Robert Bcamish in “Manitoba Medicine”, “research, and the promotion and organization of research, was now the Manitoba medical school way of life.” (Bumsted, 188)

University established many research institutes with external funding during the 60s and in 1965 a research board formed to supervise the researches. Medical school has founded the Northern Studies, Central mortgage and Housing Corporation started the Center for Settlement Studies. The Ford Foundation sponsored the Institute for Transportation Studies for the Natural Research Institute in 1968. In the same year the Legal Research Institute was established and the Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology was founded in 1969. And for the Agriculture department the researches was done to create new hybrid economic corps such as triticale and canola (Bumsted, 177).

The research realm out reached internationally in the 80s. Collaborated projects of Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) with University of Zambia School of Agricultural Sciences and Lusaka was started in 1977 and lasted till the early 90s. In 1990 the CIDA collaborated with the chinese universities for research skill training of Chinese professors.

Smart Park Development:

Smartpark Map(University of Manitoba)
Smartpark Map
(University of Manitoba)

Smartpark Development Corporation is a subsidiary corporation of the University of Manitoba. Under the guideline of Eureka Project the Corporation has the mandate to develop 100 acres of university land as Smartpark Research and Technology Park.

Smartpark’s vision is to “Build a Community of Innovators” and its focus is on the information and communications technology, engineering and advanced materials, health and biotechnology and agricultural and nutritional sciences. The park provides facilities for university-industry research and it aims to create a technology hub that attracts companies with advance technologies.

Smart Park Tenants:

One Research Road
One Research Road

BASF Canada
– Chemical company – material and applications

DMT Development Systems Group Inc.
– Web and software for automobile.

Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council (MRAC)
– Nonprofit corporation: funding agriculture projects.

Monsanto Canada Inc.
– Agriculture Products

Wolf Trax
– Plant nutrition products

100-78 Innovation Dr(University of Manitoba)
100-78 Innovation Dr
(University of Manitoba)

Monteris Medical Inc. – Medical device development: automated laser interstitial thermal therapy.

200-78 Innovation Dr(University of Manitoba)
200-78 Innovation Dr
(University of Manitoba)

Industrial Technology Centre
– 3D visual modeling, data management tools

300-78 Innovation Dr(University of Manitoba)
300-78 Innovation Dr
(University of Manitoba)

Composite Innovation Center
– Advanced composites for manufacture.

135 Innovation Dr(University of Manitoba)
135 Innovation Dr
(University of Manitoba)

Apptius Computer Solutions Inc.
– IT consulting and training – Microsoft Certificated training program

BioMark Technologies Inc.
– Diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of cancer

DiaMedica Inc.
– Biopharmaceutical Company for diabetes

Global Wind Group Inc.
– Vertical axis wind turbines

MERLIN (Manitoba Education Research Learning Information Networks)
– Education and Youth / Energy Science and Technology

PAMI (Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute),
WESTEST (Western Canada Testing Inc.)

ProfitMaster Canada
– Information management solution for business

– Not for profit information and communication technology

137 Innovation Dr(University of Manitoba)
137 Innovation Dr
(University of Manitoba)

– Secure electronic payment system

RTDS Technologies Inc.
– Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS):
manufacturing, marketing and servicing.

TransGrid Solutions Inc.
– Technical support in power transmission

155 Innovation Dr(University of Manitoba)
155 Innovation Dr
(University of Manitoba)

Cangene Corporation
– Immune therapeutics

Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
– Prairie region crops


This office and research center for digital technology company is designed by the local firm Cibinel Architects Ltd. and was completed in 2010. The structure spans over a 50 meters pond, according to George Cibinel that”The intent was for the Building to blur architecture, landscape, water management and sustainability. (Floating On Water,1-2)


H2O Office by Cibinel Architects
H2O Office by Cibinel Architects
H2O Office Location
H2O Office Location

U of M completes $80-M upgrade - Winnipeg Free Press_Page_1

U of M completes $80-M upgrade - Winnipeg Free Press_Page_2

U of M completes $80-M upgrade - Winnipeg Free Press_Page_3


Bumsted, J. M. The University of Manitoba: An Illustrated History. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba, 2001. Print.

University of Manitoba Smart Park

Winnipeg Free Press

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